Accreditation and Quality

Learning Objectives (LO)

LO1:To have a strong foundation in mathematics and be able to transfer the acquired knowledge.

LO2 To have the necessary foreign language knowledge and basic mathematical skills to conduct international scientific research.

LO3 To have analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

LO4 To be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained in mathematics to different disciplines.

LO5 To have a lifelong learning and self-improvement consciousness.

LO6 To have social, scientific and ethical values.

Program Outcomes (PO):

PO1 To be able to use theoretical and applied knowledge acquired in the fields of mathematics.

PO2 To be able to transfer the knowledge obtained in the area of mathematics to secondary education

PO3 To gain ability to solve problems, to reason, to make connections and to generalize.

PO4 In the areas where mathematics is used, to be able to reach the knowledge, to gain the ability to make necessary references search.

PO5 To gain the ability to keep oneself up-to-date with the latest developments in Science and Technology

PO6 To conduct a study in mathematics and in related areas individually or as a group, and to be effective in the deriving conclusion process.

PO7 To be able to criticize and renew his/her own models.

PO8 To be able to explain theoretical and technical knowledge of oneself both in a detailed manner to experts and in a clear manner to non-experts

PO9 To be able to use English actively at the General Level B1 of the European Language Portfolio, to be able to communicate easily with colleagues from our country or abroad, to be able to follow the periodicals

PO10 To be familiar with the software that is commonly used in the area of mathematics and to use at least one program actively.

PO11 To be able to act in accordance with the social, scientific and ethic values in every stage of the projects included in

PO12 To be able to relate abstract concepts in mathematics to concrete situations by scientific methods, to examine and interpret the conclusions

PO13 To be able to use and apply the knowledge and skills gained in mathematics in various disciplines


DEU Mathematics Department Advisory Board Members

Name Surname


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Engin Mermut

Dokuz Eylül Üniv. Fen Fak. Matematik Böl.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sedef Karakılıç

Dokuz Eylül Üniv. Fen Fak. Matematik Böl.

Prof. Dr. Engin Büyükaşık

İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü

Ahmet İlhan


Zerrin Benal Hepsöğütlü

Konak Atatürk Lisesi

Yılmaz Aksoy

Wipotec GmbH, Almanya

Aylin Demirel

Alfagen Eğitim Kurumları