General Info

Department of Mathematics was founded in 1991. The undergraduate program started in 1991, and the Master and PhD programs started in 1993. Our department carries out the Mathematics courses both in the undergraduate and in the graduate programs of the Faculty of Science, Engineering Faculty and the other faculties of our university. As a developing department, our aim is especially to strengthen the department in research and to grow in various sub-branches of mathematics. The language of instruction is English.
In line with its vision, our mathematics department has renewed its undergraduate education program by taking into account the needs of the age, aims to absorb basic academic mathematics and mathematical thinking with compulsory courses, and offers its students the opportunity to develop themselves in line with their career (academic or business) goals with a wide range of elective courses. The fact that the language of instruction is English enables our students to follow the publications in English and also makes it easier for them to find a job after graduation. In addition, it offers a limited number of successful students the opportunity to study for one semester or one year abroad with the Erasmus program and at the universities that have an agreement in the country with the Farabi program. Unlike undergraduate education, with its distinguished and productive staff, it encourages them to be an active, productive and international researcher by conveying new developments in their fields of study during their graduate education, and enables them to develop academically. In addition, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. organized in our department. With the activities, it is aimed to bring together not only the students and academic staff of our department, but also the mathematicians who are interested in the subject of the activity or researchers from other disciplines who are interested in the subject, to create a suitable ground for the formation of study groups and joint studies.
Equipped with a strong mathematical background, able to conduct research at an international level, internalize basic academic mathematics and mathematical thinking, and gain respectable places in our country's scientific life, society and business life, self-confident, multi-faceted, able to follow new developments, responsible to raising individuals; It is to shed light on the science of mathematics, technological developments and society as a mathematics department that works in harmony with interdisciplinary with its dynamic staff, is productive, respected, distinguished, and always open to development and change.