Prospective Students

  1. Since the language of instruction in the department is 100% English, preparatory year is mandatory.
  2. There is no mandatory internship training.
  3. There is no dress code requirement.
  4. Our students do not pay any tuition fees for the courses they take in the fall and spring semesters. Sometimes the summer school program can be opened optionally, but students pay tuition fees for the courses they take.
  5. Our current program content is under the name of “ Course Catalog Information Package ” are available.
  6. During the pandemic process, our lessons are carried out with the support of DEUZEM via address. However, under normal conditions, our lessons are taught in the classrooms of the Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science at DEU Tınaztepe Campus.
  7. Students who want to work part-time can request up-to-date information from the Faculty of Science Dean’s Office.