Minor Program

Minor Program Information for Department of Mathematics Students

Applications for the minor program are made to the Faculty Deanery with the application form and transcript on the date determined by the Faculty Deanery. The minor program and its quota are announced at the beginning of each academic year.

Students from any undergraduate program can apply to our minor program.

General application conditions for minor students:

  • The student must be at the beginning of the third semester of the major undergraduate program at the earliest and at the beginning of the sixth semester at the latest.
  • The student must have successfully completed all credit courses taken in the major program by the semester he/she applies.
  • The student’s GPA at the time of application must be at least 2.00 out of 4 or at least 70 out of 100.

Minor Program Directive


Year Unit Code Lecture Name Credit
1 MAT 1031 Calculus I 4-2-5
MAT 1032 Calculus II 4-2-5
2 MAT 2037 Linear Algebra I 4-0-4
MAT 2038 Linear Algebra II 4-0-4
MAT 2039 Differential Equations I 4-0-4
MAT 2043 Analysis I 4-2-5
3 One lecture from the 5th semester 4-0-4
One lecture from the 6th semester 4-0-4
4 One lecture from the 7th semester 4-0-4
One lecture from the 7th semester 4-0-4
Total 40-6-43

* 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Semester courses will be approved by the Minor Program Coordinator.
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