TUBITAK 2209A University Students Research Projects Support Program

Support is provided for the expenses of machinery/equipment, consumables, travel, service procurement required for research projects prepared by undergraduate and graduate students studying at universities. Congress/conference participation, publication and patent, accommodation or daily (food and drink) expenses cannot be included in the 2209 project support budget.

For More Information: TUBITAK 2209A University Students Research Projects Support Program Homepage

Applications are made online at https://tybs.tubitak.gov.tr. After the applicant’s final approval via the system, project application information and attachments are sent in read-only format to the academic advisor’s email address retrieved from the system for “advisor approval.” At this stage, the academic advisor confirms through the system that the information entered by the applicant is correct, accepts the advisement, confirms that the scientific and technological field in which the project will be evaluated is correct, confirms that the departmental facilities are adequate, and undertakes to comply with the program’s obligations.

  • If the academic advisor approves the project through the system at this stage, the application is successfully completed.
  • If the academic advisor does not approve the project through the system at this stage and returns it to the student, the system allows the student to make revisions and resubmit for approval by the academic advisor. The application cannot be completed without the approval of the applicant and the academic advisor.

The monitoring of these processes is the responsibility of the project executor.

Applications not approved by the applicant and academic advisor by the application deadline will not be evaluated. Documents sent to BİDEB by mail will not be processed and will be destroyed.

Application Requirements

  • The applicant must be an undergraduate or graduate student*
  • The project must be conducted under the guidance of an academic advisor**
  • The applicant must not have participated in more than one application in the same period and/or in a 2209-A or 2209-B project that received support in previous periods.
  • Support must not have been previously received from TÜBİTAK for the same project.

Students can apply to the program individually or as a team. In case of a team application, one of the students is responsible to TÜBİTAK as the Project Manager. In a project, besides the project manager, up to 3 project partners can participate.

* Students in distance learning and preparatory classes cannot apply.

** Research assistants and instructors can also be academic advisors.

Documents Required During Application

DESEM TÜBİTAK 2209 Training (October 2023 – YouTube)

DESEM TÜBİTAK 2209 Training Q&A (October 2023 – YouTube)

Notes taken from the trainings

  • Projects can last a maximum of 12 months (6, 8 months are also acceptable) and can continue after graduation.
  • Budget is 9000TL – (2024)
  • The integrity of writing is important in the application form, spelling rules must be followed. It should be written using Arial 9 and should not exceed 20 pages.
  • The application form should make use of current literature.
  • Applying a different perspective to a problem is sufficient for project application; it does not need to be original.

Project objectives:

  • Must be measurable, clear, and realistic.
  • Should be parallel to the method.
  • Does not need to have a very large goal.
  • The boundaries of the project must be clearly defined.
  • Objectives must be numerical and measurable.
  • There should not be too many objectives; it does not demonstrate the feasibility of the project realistically.

Project methods:

  • Must be related to the objectives.
  • The method of obtaining and analyzing data should be written in the method.
  • Step-by-step procedures should be explained.
  • The model should be detailed.

Project management:

  • Tasks such as ‘literature review’ and ‘writing final report’ should not be listed in work packages.
  • In the first work package, something like ‘preparation of research data’ can be written.
  • There is no need to separately mention the advisor in work packages; the advisor should be included in every stage.
  • 5-6 work packages are sufficient for a 12-month project.
  • Work package time intervals can intersect with each other.

Project risk management:

  • If there are risks, they should be written; if there are no risks, fictitious risks should not be written.
  • Risks related to achieving the objectives of the project should be written.

Project research opportunities:

  • Writing these strengthens the evaluator’s conviction in the feasibility of the project.

Widespread impact of the project:

  • Information about the characteristics/benefits of the product obtained in the end should be provided.
  • Whether it will be used elsewhere or in other projects should be mentioned.