Different Career Routes : Air Traffic Controller

This month’s theme of our career event organized by the DEU Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics in cooperation with the DEU Career Planning Center is “Different Career Routes”. Everyone who is interested is invited to the conversation on “Air Traffic Controller”, which we will hold with “Tuğçe SERTOĞLU”, 2009 graduate of the Department of Mathematics, who works as an air traffic controller in state airports. (Participants other than Mathematics Department students are requested to contact the moderator to participate the event.)

Speaker: Tuğçe SERTOĞLU (DEU Mathematics 2009 Graduate / DHMI Air Traffic Controller)
Moderator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Celal Cem SARIOĞLU
Date and Time: 29.03.2024, 21:00
Location: online.deu.edu.tr
Channel:  DEUMatematikKARİYER