The Auslander-Reiten Quiver of the 2-Kronecker Algebra

İrem Yıldız, Dokuz Eylül University.
Date: 10th of January, 2023, Tuesday, Time: 13:30 – 15:30.
Place: Dokuz Eylül Univ., Tınaztepe Campus, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Room B206 (Online-Sakai-Graduate Meetings).

Abstract: The Auslander-Reiten quiver of a finite dimensional k-algebra A is the quiver whose vertices are the isoclasses of indecomposable modules over A, and the number of arrows between two vertices [M],[N] is given by the k-dimension of Irr_{A}(M,N).
In this talk, we will review some basic facts about almost split sequences and explain briefly how to construct them. Our aim is to construct the Auslander-Reiten quiver of the path algebra associated to the 2-Kronecker quiver.