Bialgebroids and Dual Calculus

Keremcan Doğan , İstanbul Technical University Postdoctoral Researcher.

Date: 10th of  November, 2023, Friday.

Time: 12.30 – 13.30.

Place: Dokuz Eylül Univ., Tınaztepe Campus, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Room B206.

Abstract: In this talk, we will first explain why algebroids constitute a good framework for generalizations of geometric structures suitable for string and M theories. After a quick overview of their fundamental properties, we will focus on bialgebroids and algebroid calculus. Then, we will be interested in the extensions of Drinfel’d doubles using these notions and certain compatibility conditions between them. We will finish the discussion with the relation between our constructions and exceptional geometries required for string theory. If time permits, we will slightly touch upon the global picture about the formal bundle rackoids.