Probabilistic Methods in Number Theory

Doga Can Sertbaş, Cumhuriyet University

Tarih ve Saat: 22/03/2019, Saat: 10:00

Yer: B256, DEU Matematik Bölümü

In 1947, Erdos gave a lower bound for the diagonal Ramsey numbers R(k,k). His proof contains purely probabilistic arguments where the original problem is not related to the probability theory. This pioneering work of Erdos gave rise to a new proof technique which is so called the probabilistic method. According to this method, one just obtains the existence of a particular mathematical object in a non-constructive way. In this talk, we first introduce the Ramsey numbers and then explain the basics of the probability theory. After mentioning the fundamentals of the probabilistic method, we give several examples from the number theory. In particular using probabilistic inequalities, we show how one can prove some number theoretic results which seem completely unrelated to the probability theory.