A brief introduction to Representation Theory

Tarih: 06.07.2021 (Salı) 12:00

Yer: SAKAI/Ogr DEU Math

Konuşmacı: Victor Blasco

Özet: We could say, in some sense, that groups are the most simple algebraic objects . We often study groups as abstract notions, but viewing or “representing” them as groups of symmetries of other structures helps us to understand in a better way both the structure and the group itself. A particularly important case is when our structure is some vector space. Representation theory, in its basics, deals with how groups act on vector spaces.

In this talk, we will introduce this theory in a very simple setting, and explain some of the fundamental structural results such as Maschke’s Theorem. If time permits, we will see how Representation Theory of finite groups can be studied in a more general setting while dealing with K-algebras and modules over them.